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Some of the applications where filter systems can be used are -


Centrifuge filters, horizontals filter discs & bags, filter cartridges are amongst the various filters used in pharmaceutical industries.


After distillation, perfume are filtered using special filter paper to retain its fragrance, colour & odour.

HPLC & Laboratory Filtration

Low extractable membrane filtration discs are used in HPLC procedure Quantity grade of filter papers used for various Laboratory techniques.


Drinking, process, waste, cooling tower, reverse osmosis, D.I. water, bottled water, part cleaners etc can be filtered using our different types of filter cartridges.

Food & Beverage

Liquid sugar, food flavorings, candies, syrups, honey, fruit juices, beer, citrus products, salsa, soft drinks, milk & starches are filtered using different grades of filter pads and cartridges.


Acids, latex solutions, plastisols, solvents, cleaning fluids, pigments, dyestuffs, aerosol products, foam & polymer solutions in addition to many more chemicals are filtered using different filter media according to its compatibility.

Paints, Inks, Resins, Coatings

Water and solvent based coatings, printing ink & paper coatings use standard and mini size filter cartridges and capsules.


Filtration removes fruit debris, yeasts and bacteria from the wine, this not only renders the wine instantly clear, it also makes the wine more stable.

Waste Vegetable oil

Waste Vegetable Oil, commonly refered to W V O, can be used as an alternative energy source in diesel engines which have been converted to run W V O. Filter bags and cartridges are used for the same.


Biodiesel is manufactured from vegetable oil and other similar products. Aluminum filter bag housing and filter bags are an effective final filter for this product.

Air Pollution Control

Cement, asphalt, wood products, utility plants, and many other industries, use dust collection bags, air filter bags and cartridges to control airborne contaminants.

Machine Tool Coolants

Water based machine tool coolants are among the best applications for aluminum filter bag housings & filter bags.

Speciality Chemicals

Lotions, liquid detergents, paper coatings, fabric coatings, soap, waxes, perfumes & cosmetics prefer filter pads as filtration media.


Gasoline, amines, glycols, oil drilling & injection fluids, oil recovery & many refinery applications use different filter cartridges and filter bags.


Hydraulic, waste, transformer, cooking, crude, vegetable, olive, palm, lube & oil blending processes use filter pads, filter bags and cartridges.

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