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We are manufacturing a wide range of filter papers & pads on a very highly sophisticated production plant. The entire process of manufacturing is untouched by hand from the pulping stage to the finished product. This is a high precision completely automatic plant which ensures a uniformly produced filter media for excellent purity and frees from external contaminants qualities vital for sensitive industries like drugs, pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, chemicals,cosmetics etc.

Our raw material is continuously monitored for quality control.Constant laboratory tests are conducted to check filtration efficiency,pad porosity, absorbency, Filteration speed and bursting factor. The fibers of our filter paper & pads are also subjected to a special porous chemically inert wet-strength impregnation process to impart very high mechanical strength while filtering aqueous.

We also manufacture handmade filter papers & pads as per customer’s requirement. We use pure Cellulose Fibre, Cotton linter Pulp in manufacturing Quality filter Papers

We can produce filter pads upto 50 inch diameter.

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Filter Paper & Pads

Approximate calculation & Lab Report of Our Running Grades

MMC-050.5 mm350 gsm4 to 5 sec3 KGS2 KGS
MMC-11 mm570 gsm6 to 7 sec5 KGS2.5 TO 3 KGS
MMC-151.5 mm680 gsm10 sec7 KGS3.5 KGS
MMC-22 mm850 gsm8 sec8 KGS4 KGS
MMC-252.5 mm1300 gsm10 sec10 KGS4 KGS
MMC-33 mm1500 gsm10 sec10 KGS4 KGS
MMCR-11 mm400 gsm5 sec4 KGS2.5 KGS
MMCR-151.5 mm550 gsm7 sec4 KGS3 KGS
MMCR-22 mm800 gsm8 sec7 KGS3.2 KGS
MMCR-252.5 mm1200 gsm8 sec10 KGS4 KGS
MMCR-33 mm1350 gsm10 sec10 KGS4 KGS
SW-151.5 mm850 gsm120 sec7 KGS3 KGS
PPN-10.3 mm100 gsm6 sec3 KGS1.7 KGS
PPN-150.4 mm150 gsm8 sec4 KGS2.7 KGS
PPN-20.5 mm200 gsm8 sec4 KGS2.7 KGS
PPN-350.7 mm350 gsm9 sec8 KGS3.5 KGS
PPN-40.9 mm400 gsm12 sec8 KGS4 KGS
PPN-51 mm500 gsm15 sec9 KGS4 KGS
BK-252.5 mm1400 gsm12 sec10 KGS4 KGS
NC-33 mm1350 gsm30 sec10 KGS4 KGS
CP-800.5 mm85 gsm4 sec3 KGS1.5 KGS

The raw material used in manufacturing this grade of filter pad is 100% cellulose Cotton pulp which is unbleached. The pad is manufactured and continuously monitored under the rules of food act so it can be used to filter any food grade liquid.

This is Non-Toxic, Non-Explosive, Non-Corrossive, Non- flammable And Non Hazardous/Dangerous, Dust free.

Keep it in a dry place.

Filter Pad Testing Parameters

  • Air Porosity Tester : used for testing and measuring porosity of filter pads
  • BF Tester : for measuring the bursting strength of filter pad by submitting it into an Increasing uniform hydraulic pressure.
  • Freeness Tester : Is intended for determining the drainage capabilities of beaten pulp
  • Pore Testing : Is used to measure the max pore size to retend foreign particle greater than that.
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