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PES Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges

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PES Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges

PES Pleated Filter Cartridge is constructed of excellent PES(polyethersulfone) media and pp(polypropylene) materials to meet high standard performace. With unique hydrophilic characteristics and absolutely rate, this filter shows good flow rates. The compatibility with a broad range of chemicals provides long service life. 100% integrity tested by bubble point and diffusional flow to ensure consistent and reliable performance. No adhesive, thermal bonded manufacturing enable the smallest contaminant extraction and high durability.


  • Micro-filtration in ultrapure water systems
  • Beverage,wine,draft beer and other drinks
  • Plating solutions
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Chemical industry


  • Material of Construction
  • Media: Hydropphilic per membrane
  • Support layer: Polyproplene
  • Core/Cage/End adaptor:Polyproplene
  • Sealing Method: Thermal bonding No Adhesives
  • Seal Material:Silcone,EDPM,Buna,Viton,Teflon,E-FKM
  • Micron Rating: 0.1Вm, 0.22Вm, 0.45Вm
  • Filtration Area: 0.64m2 each 10" length


  • Outside diameter: 2.7” (69mm)
  • Length: 5", 10", 20", 30", 40"

Recommended Operating Conditions

  • Max. Differential Pressure:
  • Forward - 4.2bar@ 25ВC
  • Reverse - 2.1bar@ 25ВC
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 80ВC
  • Sterilization: 20times, 30 Minutes cycles at 121ВC
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PES Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges PES Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridges

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